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This page is not maintained and out of date!

About Olson Video and Websites

Olson Video and Websites Event Videography is a video production company based in Reno Nevada which combines high-definition multi-camera video with studio-quality multi-track audio to obtain blu-ray quality event coverage that is affordable to schools, churches, clubs and other non-profit organizations. We specialize in coverage of festivals, tournaments, concerts, plays and musicals. We also have experience recording weddings, baptisms, anniversary parties and birthday parties for individuals.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to ensure repeat business and customer satisfaction through a product that literally sells itself because of its professional packaging and quality.

About Our Logo

Our logo depicts a dog making a movie of a flower. This logo is inspired by the deluge of test videos whose subjects are dogs and flowers that frequently follow the release of a new camcorder. Rumor has it that dogs and flowers are the only subjects which can tolerate a camera operator experimenting with a new camera. At Olson Video and Websites we have performed similar tests while selecting our equipment and optimizing our workflow. At this point we are using well proven equipment with a highly refined workflow that continues to evolve by means of a thorough review process after each finished project.

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Contact Information

For more information send email to video at or contact Eric at 775-722-1856.

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