Professional Video Workflows with Linux

Workflow Resources

These pages describe workflows for authoring 8mm, Hi8, DV, HDV and AVCHD video source to VCD, SVCD, DivX Ultra, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray media using Linux. Pages hosted at this site include
  1. Hi8 Tape to DVD Video Workflow with Linux
  2. DV to DVD Workflow with Linux
  3. DV to DVD compliant mpeg2 with Linux
  4. HDV to High Definition DVD Workflow with Linux
  5. HDV to 3xDVD or BD5 with H264 Workflow
  6. AVCHD with Sony DVDarchitect V5.0
  7. HDV to DVD Workflow with Linux
  8. Outsourcing DVD Duplication
  9. DivX Ultra authoring with Linux
  10. MP4 for Flash Player with Linux
  11. AVI files for MP4 Players using Linux
  12. Converting SVCD to DVD with Linux
  13. Cinelerra Version 4.x yuv4mpeg Patch
  14. Editing Interlaced Video with Cinelerra
  15. Editing AVCHD with Cinelerra
  16. Editing AVCHD using Lossless Cut and Paste
  17. High Definition Slide Shows with Linux
  18. Slow Motion DV and HDV Video with Linux
  19. Upsampling DV Chroma by Inpainting
  20. Making dvdauthor menus using Gimp
  21. Help with h264fix the h264info for Linux
  22. Widescreen from 4:3 Source
  23. When and How to Deinterlace a Video
  24. Checking Interlacing Flags with Linux
  25. PF24 Pulldown Removal with Linux
  26. How to Archive AVCHD Video
  27. The Pixel Aspect Ratio of DV
  28. Aquisition and Distribution Formats
  29. Camcorder Depth of Field Calculator
  30. Linux Video Cost Analysis
  31. Useful and Useless Scripts
External references:
  1. mir Digital Media Group: Video Library by Matthew Marjanovic
  2. Some thoughts on DVD authoring by James Tappin
  3. The DV FAQ and More by Adam Wilt

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